Red Nucleus

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Functions: The red nucleus pertains to the shoulder and upper arm, in controlling movement. For instance, the red nucleus is what is active when we swing our arms when we walk or run.


To remember the function of the red nucleus, use this mnemonic:

There is a person who likes to listen to her ipod while she jogs. She keeps her ipod strapped to her upper arm while she runs. Her ipod is red.


This mnemonic describes the function of the red nucleus. The circle on the ipod represents the nucleus shape, while the ipod being red, represents the colour of the red nucleus. This is how we remember the name. The function is remembered when we think about her ipod (the red nucleus) being strapped to her upper arm, which is what it controls. As most people swing their arms when they jog, this is a prime example of what the red nucleus does.




The Red Nucleus is located in the Rostral MidBrain



Responsible for motor ability in the shoulder and upper arm with minor control in the lower arm and hand. The use of the red nucleus is more important in the crawling motion of babies and used more at the developmental stage.



Line of babies making a hand signal before turning at a red light.



The red light signifies the red nucleus which is central to the concept of mobility. The babies signify the fact that the use of the red nucleus is primary in motor ability in young childrens and the hand signal identifies that the red nucleus is used primarily for the arm and shoulder movement.


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