Medulla Oblongata

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In the picture, the Medulla Oblongata is number 7.


Medulla Oblongata is a part of the brain stem. It deals with autonomic functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.


Mnemonic: I broke the words down to create a meaning. Me<dull>a and Ob<long>ata. We have the words dull and long. We can imagine a person giving a long dull lecture in a big hall. People are in a state of relaxation, their heart rates and blood pressure are low, and they’re breathing heavily trying not to fall asleep.






2 Mnemonics:


1- Adam Sandler in Water boy, is an angry high school football player, the medulla deals with anger and agreesion

2 - ABC's of the medulla. It [C]ontrols the [A]gression, [A]nger, and [B]loodpressure

You can also remeber that medulla is sort of like Medusa and she was an angry mythological character, which can also be linked with anger and agression.





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